Additional Zehnder Options

Zehnder understands the requirements of high performance housing and offers a full range of solutions to ensure the perfect indoor climate - not just ventilation!

Your Passive House dwelling will require some form of active heating and/or cooling to maintain the comfort of the occupants throughout the year. Our heating and cooling solutions come in all shapes and sizes; from radiant ceiling panels to designer radiators and towel rails.

By aligning yourself with Zehnder you are working with a manufacturer who can supply you with the whole package - the perfect ventilation system and the ideal heating and cooling solutions. You can be confident that all components are of the same superb quality and you will receive the same exceptional level of support from an expert in-house technical team.

Zehnder truly is your partner of choice.


The Zehnder Metropolitan Spa towel radiator brings an elegant, spa style to modern bathrooms, wet rooms, and kitchens. Connections and air vents are neatly hidden to maintain the formality and purity of the design. Geometric cut-outs create an attractive shape with plenty of space for towels to dry.

Nova Neo

Zehnder Nova Neo stands out as an ideal radiator where low system temperatures are required. Its integrated fans ensure desired output is achieved efficiently, providing a responsive radiator solution.


Zehnder Subway

The contemporary Zehnder Subway Towel Rail has classic lines and broad appeal, offering comfort and superb design in colour finishes, chrome and stainless steel.  Suitable for use with central heating or domestic hot water systems, and also available in electric and dual energy versions.

Vitalo Bar

Zehnder Vitalo Bar

The Zehnder Vitalo Spa is the ideal choice when durability and sustainability are required, thanks to use of corrosion-resistant, top-quality materials. Both economical and responsive in operation.