Zehnder Comfosystems Ancillaries

Whole house ventilation with heat recovery is a system, not just a unit.

Ducting, controls, comfort cooling and pre-heating all form part of a textbook Passive House ventilation system.

Zehnder’s comprehensive range can give you confidence that all components have been designed to work together, perfectly in-sync to create the ideal comfortable, healthy and energy efficient indoor climate.

By making Zehnder your partner of choice for all aspects of your ventilation system, you are safeguarding your project by ensuring that what is installed is exactly what was designed.

Think system. Think support. Think Zehnder.

ComfoFond-L Eco 350

Zehnder ComfoFond-L Eco earth brine sub-soil heat exchanger uses the relatively constant annual temperature of the earth at a depth of one to one and a half metres. This ‘passive store’ of energy remains at a temperature of 8-12°C all year round and can be used to pre-temper incoming supply air in winter and summer months, improving the efficiency of the heat recovery unit, saving energy and providing an optimised indoor climate.

ComfoTube & Flat 51

Heat recovery is a system – the unit and the ducting – and it is the combination of these two elements that deliver ventilation into the home. Zehnder ComfoTube and Flat 51 – our high-performance, semi-rigid air distribution systems - offer a whole host of benefits to developers, installers and homeowners and include many innovative and distinctive features.

Enthalpy Exchanger

The Zehnder Enthalpy Exchanger is designed to maintain comfortable moisture levels within the home. Too much moisture can lead to mould and overheating. Too little causes dry eyes, chapped lips and an environment in which bacteria and viruses can thrive. The Zehnder Enthalpy Exchanger recovers both the thermal and the latent energy from the stale air extracted from wet rooms around the home. This additional energy, which would otherwise have been lost, is transferred into the incoming fresh air stream before being supplied to habitable rooms.

ComfoSense Controller

Power is nothing without control! Our units can be simply and effectively controlled to ensure optimal performance around the clock. Zehnder controls range from standard switches to fully integrated LCD displays featuring programmable timers and system status messages. The controllers can be linked with a variety of proprietary sensors to enhance comfort and offer total flexibility. By combining Zehnder units with any of our range of controllers you are ensuring that the system can be truly tailored to become an integral and autonomous part of the home.