A Continued Professional Development (CPD) training course

Why sign-up to our CPD?

With Building Regulations calling for increasingly airtight homes, and fuel prices rising, effective and efficient heat recovery ventilation is vital.

Our one hour seminar explains everything you need to know about heat recovery in order to successfully specify it into High Code Level homes and Passive House projects.

The course has been independently assessed and accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and aims to enable recipients to champion healthier, more energy-efficient and more comfortable buildings for the benefit of the homeowner, the community and the environment.

The hour long seminar covers the following topics:

Understand the key principles of heat recovery ventilation and how it works

Learn about what constitutes a High Code Level and Passive House dwelling

Understand how to identify the correct heat recovery system for the project

Recognise the necessary features to achieve compliance with High Code Levels or Passive House standards

Be aware of best practice when specifying heat recovery ventilation for domestic properties

Royal Institute of British Architects

Contact us for more information on 01276 605800 or email your enquiry to cpd@zehnder.com.

Who will lead the course?

We have a number of experienced trainers within the Zehnder Group who are qualified to lead our range of CPDs. However, when it comes to the High Code Level and Passive House CPD, there are two particular colleagues that (quite literally) wrote the course!

Carl Fivash

Technical Services Manager

Carl has worked for the company since 1995, carving a path within Technical Services and expanding the department to what it is today. He now heads up the team and uses his extensive knowledge of ventilation, coupled with his commercial focus, to support Architects, Consultants and Specifiers from the early design stages through to installation and commissioning.

Carl Fivash

Rupert Kazlauciunas

Senior Technical Advisor

Ru joined us in 2007 and specialises in all aspects of ventilation – in particular ventilation for larger properties including low energy and Passive House developments. From inzitial plans through to the commissioning of units on-site, Ru has extensive knowledge of the comfort heating and cooling options available with our Passive House certified range of heat recovery units.

Carl Fivash

How do you book?

Contact us for more information on 01276 605800 or email your enquiry to cpd@zehnder.com.