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Thu Sep 22, 2016


Zehnder Group UK is proud to announce that its new ComfoAir Q range of MVHR units – the most efficient heat recovery system on the market - has been awarded Passivhaus certification.  This new generation of heat recovery units offers outstanding energy and noise performance as well as smart technology that helps improve the installation process and accuracy on-site.

Why Choose MVHR?

Modern homes conform to stringent, energy-efficiency regulations and the choice of heating and ventilation system is crucial to achieving these standards and maintaining a comfortable, energy efficient and healthy indoor environment. When a fabric first, energy efficient approach is taken to new build, MVHR (mechanical heat recovery and ventilation) really is the only choice - a whole house system that works to maintain and deliver fresh air 365 days a year.


Working across every new build sector, from social housing to luxury high-end developments, Zehnder has built up a reputation as both a leading supplier and authority on heat recovery systems and has a particularly strong position in the Passivhaus marketplace. Looking to build on this tradition for innovation and excellence and following extensive research and development, it is proud to introduce the new ComfoAir Q range. The next generation of MVHR unit.

 Key Benefits of Zehnder ComfoAir Q Range

  • World Class Performance:  The range provides up to 96% heat recovery efficiency, making it the most energy-efficient unit on the market and providing the greatest energy savings to homeowners and energy bills.
  • Elimination of nuisance noise: Zehnder ComfoAir Q units are almost silent during operation and are currently the quietest units on the market. Did you know that for every 3dB increase, the sound you hear doubles? ComfoAir Q = 42dB(A), while other MVHR units = 50dB(A).
    This means that one comparable MVHR product emits the same amount of soundas eight ComfoAir Q units. This has been achieved through the use of innovative components designed
    to work together in perfect harmony, including state-of-the-art fan technology.
  • Simple to Install: Connections can be changed from right to left, ensuring that everything fits even when the installation situation is modified.
  • Convenient to commission: A simple, integrated commissioning wizard and app assists with setting up the system exactly as required. The commissioning process concludes with an automatic system test and confirmation, allowing the new unit to be put into operation easily, quickly and safely.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: Completely sealed and maximised, the high-quality filters ensure healthy, dust-free air and protect against excessive humidity.
  • Smart homeowner control:  A convenient app gives customers the right operating solution whatever their needs.
  • Maintenance: Systems can be monitored easily via remoted access on the Zehnder web portal. In addition, the units have easy access for cleaning.
  • Three sizes available: 350, 450 and 600 m³/h.

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