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Thu Oct 13, 2016

Zehnder Group UK will attend the 2016 UK Passivhaus Conference and Expo at The Business Design Centre, London, on 25th October to demonstrate and answer questions about MVHR in Passivhaus and talk about a holistic system approach featuring their new ComfoAir Q range of MVHR units. This new-generation heat recovery system, the most energy efficient on the market, was recently awarded Passivhaus certification.

Zehnder will showcase at the Expo why there’s more to this story than just the unit and the certification. The ducting and other components are as important as the unit itself and can significantly affect performance and noise , which is why a system solution is the best approach at the design stage.

Zehnder’s Senior Technical Advisor, Rupert Kazauciunas, will be on the company’s stand (Stand 8) during the day to explain and discuss Zehnder’s world-class MVHR technology and strategy for good design, focusing on how to get it right each and every time. Zehnder is recognised as a world-class innovator and authority on heat recovery systems, working across every new-build sector from social housing to high-end luxury developments.

ComfoAir Q is firm evidence that a strong technical solution that can be offered for low energy housing designs. Achieving up to 96% heat recovery efficiency, providing greater savings to homeowners’ energy bills than any other MVHR system, the ComfoAir Q is also the quietest MVHR system currently available – so quiet, in fact, that one comparable MVHR product emits the same volume of noise as eight ComfoAir Q units.

The UK Passivhaus Conference, organised by the not-for-profit Passivhaus Trust, is an informative annual event for architects, designers, specifiers and clients, offering a programme of seminars, case studies and mini-masterclasses. This year’s international keynote speaker will describe Heidelberg Bahnstadt, which with almost 2000 apartments is the largest Passivhaus community in the world.

The exhibition of Passivhaus products will also be open during the afternoon of 25 October (3pm to 5pm) to the public. The Business Design Centre is located on Upper Street, London N1, close to Angel underground station and King’s Cross St. Pancras International station.

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